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Attaching the Straps
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Attaching the Straps


       How to Attach the Riverfork Straps


To attach the Keep and ReleaseTM to your net and vest follow these simple steps:

  1. Separate the two halves. Either half can go on the net or vest.

  2. Unscrew the solid brass rivet. Release the two straps.

  3. Thread the longer ends of the split leather strap between the frame and net (or through the vest loop). When using a catch and release bag, insert straps between the net frame and the top edge of the net bag.

  4. Return legs of strap to their original position on the rivet.


  5. Re-fasten the screw rivet. Add a drop of nail polish or thread cement to the screw threads before re-inserting for extra security. (A small drop usually does not prevent re-opening the screw.)

  6. Repeat with the other half on to your vest.