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The Keep and ReleaseTM  Hemispheric Rare-Earth Magnet Net Keeper is the product of the combined talents and knowledge of Rich and Sam, long time fishing buddies.

About Rich

Rich has been fly fishing for 25 years and has just recently come to a point in his life where he can spend a larger proportion of his time on the river and working for cold water conservation. 

He is always tinkering with magnets. When he saw Sam's Splitfork Strap he immediately saw the potential for combining it with a hemispheric rare-earth magnet to make an elegant product for use as a net holder.

About Sam

Sam has been making landing nets for almost 15 years, a hobby that became the small business, Nets That Honor the FishTM. Looking for an alternative method to hang his nets for display, he designed the Riverfork Net Strap.