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Using the Net Retainer

In our experience, it is more convenient and secure to carry a landing net hung by the top of the hoop attached to the back your fishing vest. This handle down position decreases the chances of getting the net bag snagged in brush and tree limbs while walking.

Both of us are past 30, so we wanted a way to reach behind our back without straining the shoulder joints. The Keep and ReleaseTM  keeps the net handle low enough on our back for an easy reach back to grab it. The magnet's hemispheric shape allows for some rotation of the net but the magnetic field is strong enough to keep the net securely attached during the motions of walking and fishing.  For extra security we supply a tether cord for a second attachment of your net to your vest or wader belt to prevent loss of your net from the various mishaps of fishing. Tethers are approximately 30 inches in length.

A firm pull is sufficient to release the two halves of the magnet. You can reach over your shoulder or behind your back to reattach your net. Because of the strength and hemispheric shape of the magnets, the ends just need to get close and they jump back together.